Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Management is the process of identifying the problem, determining the best course of action in resolving the immediate problem (removal of animal/s), and then educating the client about the creatures involved and working toward prevention and restoration of the property.

1. Determine animal species (positive identification) if possible.
2. Identify entry / exit point(s).
3. Identify potential entry / exit point(s).
4. Determine immediate health & safety concerns.

Action (i.e. Removal or Trapping, Exclusion etc…):
1. Determine best course of action given the circumstances involved (i.e. environmental conditions, safety, damage potential, access).
2. Trapping / Removal – typically we trap at entry / exit points of the animals…this ensures the quickest and most definitive removal.
* Removal of the problem animal / insect is almost always needed. Attempts to relocate animals just outside the structure and make repairs almost always results in reintroduction of the problem animal / insect. These creatures know that this is home and they rarely give up that easily.

1. Installation of chimney caps, vent guards, installing hardware cloth or other screening to prevent further damage from other animals that may be attracted to the structure.
2. Education of the client on what they can do to decrease the chances for further problems (i.e. sanitation or no longer feeding animals, habitat modification or changing the environment to minimize appeal, this could also mean tree trimming or trimming vegetation down).

Restoration / Sanitation:
1. Working with other contractors or specialists that are properly licensed and insured in order to restore your damage to it’s previous condition. We work very closely many reputable companies to ensure that damage is repaired.
2. Sometimes animal leave behind feces or urine that contaminates or damages their homes. We can work with specialized companies that can safely remove these potential biological hazards from the structure.
3. Coordination of services and working with your insurance company.