Other Wildlife

Snake Management Services 

Snakes Removed from Basement

Snakes are beneficial for our ecosystem, but some folks just don’t want them anywhere near their structure. We can help through a detailed inspection, identification of species, educating clients on their behavior, control options including physical removal or trapping, deterrents or modifications to the habitat that draws snakes close to their property. We can also take care of snake food sources such as rodents and insects. Rodent and insect management programs help reduce populations and deter snakes from the area. 

Snakes feces is often white with chunks, they urinate and defecate through the same orifice


Snake feces drips down the basement walls fo this home where we removed over 40 snakes!






Skunk Removal 

Skunk in deep window well


Sometimes Pepe La Pue gets stuck in the weirdest of places, like this deep window well. We’ve taken them out of churches, basements, even the basement of a large commercial factory! Let me tell you, these are places that you do NOT want a skunk to spray in! If you find yourself in a stinky situation, call us! 



Try your own trapping? Didn’t think ahead?

Sometimes DIY isn’t the best idea! Striped Skunks are common in Colorado. These fellas are sometimes caught when you are targeting other creatures. We get calls like these all the time. We have methods of removing skunks that 95% of the time are stink-free. When we know we are targeting skunks or are trapping in areas in which they are common, we use specialized traps or equipment to minimize “problems” with removal later. Skunks in the State of Colorado cannot be relocated by State Law due to rabies vector control reasons. 



Pocket Gophers  / Voles & Shrews are also something that we can help with! Call us for help with these creatures as well.